The Biggest Decision You Face Is What To Eat – But What About These 6 Others?

Since hitting our 500th download on New Year’s Day we’ve been adding new users at a much greater rate. We smashed through our next 500 before January was even over and we’re now at over 2,000 installs!

This is really an incredible achievement for us and we want to thank you all again for your support. We’re getting more and more comments from you all too – the things you like and the things you don’t. Please keep them coming – we’re happy to get all constructive feedback from you regardless of what you think – and the more comments we get the more likely we can make the changes you want. Only you can help us make buddy better! Contact us at with any ideas or bug fix requests and we’ll get back to you.

What decisions?

We’ve done some more analysis on the decisions you’ve all been making in the 7 months since we launched in September 2013 and we thought you might be interested to read about some of the highlights.

The app is, perhaps unsurprisingly, being used mostly for deciding between food choices or places to eat. A massive 46% of all decisions made fell into this category, with 28% of users deciding what to do, 12% what to watch, 6% what to drink and 4% where to go (to visit or for holiday).


But it was looking through the details of thousands of decisions made that we spotted a few interesting uses that we’d not considered in the design of the app. Don’t worry we have no way of knowing who you are!

Which game?
One we quite like here at decision buddy HQ – what game shall I play? If this is something you’d like us to add (like we with did with the ‘what to watch’ options) then let us know. The more requests the more likely it is we can do it.

What song?
We saw a few examples of people deciding on what to listen to? Isn’t that what your shuffle button’s for? Again, if this is something you’d like us to add then let us know.

Which film in the franchise?
Some people just know they want to watch a Star Wars film – but the question is which one? Why not all of them? #moviemarathon

To do list
It’s not all fun and games you know. We saw examples of people deciding what to tackle next on their ‘to do’ list. Do I tackle the cleaning or the home finances?…

Diet planning
Whilst technically a food choice we found examples of decisions over low calorie meal choices. Worryingly however these were sometimes deciding whether to eat something small or not at all. #pleaseeat!

How high?
And finally one person decided to use the app when considering whether to get high, or get higher. I think you know which option they decided to go with!…

Please help

Our next big target is to get into the next download bracket, which is for 5,000+. Please help us by sharing the app with your friends and family and don’t forget to rate and leave a review in Google Play – it really does helps us out!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014