Why Do We Spend So Long Sweating Over The Silly Little Decisions?

We’ve all been there; you have friends over for a few drinks and you can’t decide on what takeaway to order or you’re arranging a night out and can’t decide where to meet or maybe even what town to go to? Maybe you’re trying to think of fun activities for a day out, a stag party location or where to go on a break with the girls?

These little decisions should be relatively quick and painless to make, but we all often spend a lot of time and energy on them. Common sense would say that the more difficult a decision the more time you would spend on it and therefore simple decisions should be quick and easy; but we know that’s not always the case.

Most of the time we know what we would prefer as individuals or we at least have a gut-feel or are leaning towards a particular outcome personally. In a group context however there may be too many choices (‘information overload’) or varying opinions meaning the decision takes longer to make, or we might simply not want to put forward our preferences among the group. Often you will overthink your options trying to rationalise all the pro’s and con’s in detail. Let’s put things in perspective you are not deciding over a house purchase or whether to start a new career, you are probably debating what to eat or what to do for fun. The chances are you’ll enjoy any of the options on your shortlist, but spending all that time and effort over-thinking it can literally put you off your food!

Decision buddy will present you with options relevant to the decision you face so that you (or you and your friends) can draw up a shortlist. Decision buddy will then let each person in the assigned group privately make their preferential choices by pitching each option against each other option. This will ease the information overload, reduce the strain of trying to prioritise each option into a ranking order and perhaps prevent any conflicts. Once everyone has taken their turn decision buddy will declare the overall winning outcome based on the group’s preferences and show the ranking order. Think of it as a game where you would go with your gut instinct and the first preference that comes into your head as you are presented by decision buddy pitching to you each option against each other.

One simple solution to the small decisions would be for you to flip a coin or use some other random method to reach an outcome, however we don’t think that this will deliver a great result. If everyone has their own preferences and if in total as a group those preferences lean towards one outcome, wouldn’t you prefer that to a random answer?

Decision buddy. Simple, YES. Quick, YES. Effective, YES. Fair, YES. Random, NO!

Literally any decision you need to make, particularly those requiring input from more than 2 people, can be quickly added and decided upon using decision buddy. So no more sweating over the silly decisions and you can get on with your life!

Monday, May 27, 2013