Decision buddy is a decision making tool used on the go. Decisions and outcomes can cover all manner of things; from what take-away to order to what film to stream, to where to go for entertainment in the local area. The options are endless.

Depending on the outcomes and decisions made we can push your message to the right people at the right time; right there and then! Deciding where to go tonight, why not promote your cinema chain? The decision is made and it’s curry night, why not promote your store?

At decision buddy we can also create custom decision menus. Maybe you want your entire pizza menu added as a unique decision making mechanism on every single app. Create awareness to your menu and link through to your ordering platform. Will it be a meat feast or a Hawaiian tonight?

There are lots of ways in which decision buddy can create awareness and in turn generate business for you. If you are interested in pursuing any of these or other options for your brand and products, please get in touch at