The balanced approach to quick, free and painless decision making - not detailed but not random.

What is it?

Decision buddy is a simple decision making tool that allows any number of people to make a decision quickly between any number of options. Using a pairwise system the tool guides the user step-by-step through an easy decision making process in which each option is presented against each and every other option. You keep picking your preferred option between two choices until all combinations have been covered. Once everyone has voted decision buddy will count up all the votes and present the rankings giving you the best possible outcome.

Why is it different?

Decision making processes are usually very detailed and exhausting – looking at pro’s and con’s – looking at costs and benefits. Otherwise they’re on the other end of the scale and use a random means to reach a decision – like flipping a coin. Decision buddy is the balanced approach – your free, quick and simple alternative – a better outcome than flipping a coin and quicker than getting into the painful detail.


Home screen

You will be guided through a simple process to get the right result. Pre-loaded with your more regular decision making options, you can easily add your own to the mix for easy access for future quick emergency decisions. The perfect but simple decision maker!


Home screen

The decision resolver uses a pairwise algorithm allowing you to make a decision on any matter between any number of people you want, quickly and easily. Why leave your decision making to the flip of a coin? We say if it's random it's not smart decision making!


Home screen

Making decisions in groups? Hook up with friends and share the decision making experience. Decision buddy is a perfect group decision maker allowing everyone to have an input before a statistically chosen winner is selected. Making a good decision has never been easier.

Who are we?

Decision buddy is a simple but smart decision maker that will help you make those seemingly simple decisions in life a little easier. We hope that you will enjoy using our decision buddy robot to make smarter decisions and no longer resort to coin flipping!

We noticed that all of the available decision making apps are random outcome generators, so we decided that we should do something about it. Decision buddy is a decision maker in that he will simply pitch each of your options against each other - once everyone has had their go the scoring system will show you the clear 1st, 2nd and 3rd place options.

We hope that this decision maker and smart scoring system will provide you with a better insight into your options and in time give us all some interesting results and trends to share.

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